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HVAC evaporator disinfectant cleaner. A 100ml ‘One Shot’ pouch that delivers 8 litres of finished product, perfect for pressure sprayers!


Air-clear HVAC ready to use cleaner has long been at the top of the chart for the safe cleaning of the HVAC coil and pan. Air-clear comes with the highest test standards of any HVAC cleaner on the market, delivering surgical grade cleaning, with a long lasting antibacterial shield to all surfaces keeping them cleaner, for longer.


We can now bring you Air-clear concentrate, in a highly concentrated form, with an 80:1 dilution ratio, compared to a market average of 10:1. Delivered in a 100ml ‘One shot’ pouch, it makes 8 litres of high grade HVAC disinfectant cleaner, ideal for contractors sprayers.


Air-clear concentrate remains non-hazardous in its concentrated form, making it unique on the market, requiring no COSHH controls. Air-clear concentrate is an NSF registered concentrate. There is nothing on the market to compare to Air-clears credentials, the right choice for contractors, bringing a massive reduction in noxious chemicals used in the cleaning of HVAC equipment, and a massive reduction in plastics and packaging.


Trusted by professional contractors across the world, Air-clear is the first choice for protection, performance and value.


  • Safe to use in food preparation areas – NSF Registered.
  • Non-corrosive to the soft metals in HVAC units.
  • Certified to BS EN 1267 & BS EN 1650 standards.
  • Utilising the ‘Gel-clear’ long lasting antimicrobial coating.
  • Non-hazardous, safe to use, COSHH free concentrate.

ACP100 Air-Clear Concentrate (Single 100ml Pouch)

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