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Air-clear is the purpose-developed, multi-purpose sanitising cleaner for maintenance operations on AC units. Air-clear is the only HVAC cleaner on the market tested to medical grade disinfection standards – BS EN 14476, EN 13727, EN 14348 & EN14476. It is independently tested to remain effective for up to 8 weeks. It is also NSF registered for food preparation areas. Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, Air-clear is proven effective against ALL enveloped viruses.


Now more than ever, HVAC cleaning has become the first line of defence in the spread of airborne virus. Air-clear delivers medical grade cleaning standards in a completely non-hazardous, ready to use spray.


A powerful disinfectant, it kills, on contact, 300x faster than conventional HVAC cleaning chemicals, it then leaves an antibacterial coating on all surfaces that continues to prevent bacteria formation for many weeks., In tests, Air-clear was shown to deliver a massive resistance to surface contamination fr 8 weeks.


Air-clear is a powerful virucide, effective against all enveloped virus including H1N1, MRSA & Coronavirus.


No COSHH controls are required, Air-clears non-hazardous formula is safe to use on all surfaces, in all environments. NSF registered for use in food preparation, requires no ventilation of noxious fumes, and is safe to use around pets.

AMS750 Air Clear Spray And Coil Disinfectant 750 ml (RTU)

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