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Test and Assess with One Compact Bag

Compact design, sturdy construction

  • Rugged, elevated rack for hand tools
  • Padded pockets to protect meters
  • Magnetic tray
  • Quick carry single strap
  • Compact rugged design


The BG44 service tool bag is designed for the specific needs of HVACR professionals.  The single strap system is easy to get on and off, while the padded side pockets protect your test instruments and provide easy access.

The elevated interior tool rack houses hand tools for easy access and quick visibility so missing tools don’t get left behind.  Special accessories include a magnetic tray, water bottle/ wasp spray strap, electrical tape strap, small plastic tray storage in bottom, and drill holster.

This compact, rugged bag fits snugly to the body to easily maneuver in tight places like crawl spaces and ladder cages.

For the most common HVACR tools used in the field everyday, BG44 has a place for everything, and everything has a place.

BG44 - Service Tool Bag

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