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The bio-beta header pipe connector, with an in-built air intake valve, is fully compliant with BS EN 12056-2:2000 Backflow protection for the header pipe to prevent backwash overflow above the ceiling where HVACR cabinet condensate pump discharge pipes connect. Fits industry-standard 40mm solvent weld pipes.


Condensate pumps for refrigeration cabinets work wonderfully well, when installed correctly. What has always been overlooked by manufacturers is how the pump discharge line connects to the drainage system.


Ironically, the second biggest cause of condensate pump failure is discharge hose kinking? The discharge hose connects at high level to a header drain above the ceiling tiles, usually by the hose turning 180 degrees and dropping into an open pipe.


This open connection is also prone to water leaks from ‘backwash’, cause when the pump discharges under pressure into gravity drain, causing a kinetic wave washing back down the drain pipe.


Both of these problems are solved with the bio-beta drain connector, it seals the connection, and connects the hose at a vertical, in a straight line, completely ruling out the risk of kinking.

CPH17 Condensate Drain Connector (Single)

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