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Refrigeration cabinet evaporator coil disinfectant cleaner. Use with Gel-clear tablets for the perfect combination in refrigeration deep cleans.


Created with contractors in mind, Eco-clear is 10 times more concentrated than any other concentrate on the market, built on the Gel-clear antibacterial nano-coating of the coil & pan, Eco-clear is the perfect pre-cleaner for use with Gel-clear tablets.


Evaporator coil cleaning on refrigeration cabinets is the starting point for good refrigeration cabinet maintenance. Coils are where ‘The rubber meets the tarmac’ in refrigeration equipment, the first point of contact between the units heat exchanger, and the surrounding airflow. Eco-clear is a first line of defence, killing airborne bacteria on contact with the coil. Coating the coil and pan using the award winning Gel-clear nano technology, antibacterial coating of drains, we can now extend this protection back to the coils contact with the airflow.


In line with Gel-clears focus on operations, Eco-clear remains non-hazardous in its extremely concentrated form, being 10x more concentrated than conventional hazardous cleaners. No risks, No COSHH compliance requirements.


Eco-clear delivers a 100% reduction in the hazardous chemicals entering the watercourse during the cabinet deep clean!


At a massively concentrated 80:1 dilution ratio, by comparison, it is a tenth of conventional product packaging and plastics.


Delivered in 100 ml pouches to make 8 litres of finished cleaner, ideal for contractors sprayers!

The Carbon Trusts Refrigeration Roadmap identifies cleaning & maintenance as the area for the biggest energy savings in the cold chain, Eco-clear was developed to improve the long term condition of the coil, keeping it cleaner for longer. Improving coil efficiency and reducing bacterial contamination is only part of Eco-clears broader function, used during the deep clean, Eco-clear conditions the coil, pan and drains, removing microscopic attached biofilms, and coating all surfaces, acting as a conditioner for the installation of Gel-clear tablets, improving the effect.

ECP100 Eco-Clear Concentrate (Single 100ml Pouch)

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