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Thisoffer has been extended up to Christmas.  You can get all of the items below for £1300.00 + VAT


Kit includes :
1 x VP55 Dual voltage A2L safe vac pump with on the fly oil change
1 x MR45 A2L Digital recovery unit ( 240v )
1 x SRS3 Digital wireless scales with remote display and phone connectivity
1 x SRL HD leak detector

Fieldpiece is a United States based company established in 1990 to focus solely on creating tools for
air conditioning and refrigeration professionals. One of the leading brands in the US, Fieldpiece is now
expanding into the European market. From meters to manifolds, recovery machines to leak detectors,
and everything in between, stop by Cool Solutions trade counter and learn how these tools make your
job easier, faster, and better.

Fieldpiece Tool Kit Offer

SKU: FieldpieceToolKitOffer