Packed to the Gills

The Most Advanced Meter on the Market

  • Wireless measurements
  • Job Link® System compatible
  • Three phase rotation test
  • Dual temp for Delta T calculations
  • Display, dial and jaw lights
  • Inrush and True RMS


Good luck finding something the SC660 doesn’t do. See the dial in the dark, use the AC/DC swivel clamp, measure dual temp, or find phase rotation.  Your meter, loaded up for HVACR:

  • Job Link® System Capability via JL2 Transmitter
    Send and save electrical measurements to Job Link® System mobile app via the JL2 long range transmitter for professional reporting.  Plus, calculate power (kW) and system efficiency (EER and SEER) for in depth understanding of system performance in real world conditions. (SDP2 needed for system efficiency calculations.)
  • Swivel Head with LED Flashlight
    Open the clamp to illuminate the wire bundle you’re hunting. Rotate the clamp 180° to see the display easier. The clamp’s claw grabs the wire you want to measure.
  • Electrical Testing for HVACR
    True RMS readings through the clamp or leads. Capture starting amps with Inrush.
  • Test 3-Phase Power Test
    Conveniently test phase rotation without carrying around an extra meter or extra lead. With the included alligator test lead connected to L1, you can determine phase rotation with one hand.
  • Trusted Dual-Temp
    Reliable temperature in fast changing environments. View two thermocouple inputs at the same time, or check delta T across the evaporator. Select T1 & T2, T1 & T1-T2, or T2 & T1-T2.
  • Huge Backlit Display
    View two measurements so large you can read them at a distance and in the dark.
  • Rugged Dual Display
    Broad temperature range tolerance allows for testing in freezers and on rooftops.
  • Capacitance
    Test motor start and run caps. Determine when a capacitor needs to be replaced.
  • Wireless Testing
    Send measurements to the Job Link mobile system app via JL2 transmitter. Or view measurements from other compatible tools (ET2W, EH4W, SC57, LT17AW, SC460, SC660) across the jobsite LIVE.
  • Magnetic Hanger
    Hanging strap flips out to keep the meter locked in place.
  • Probe Storage
    Snap the leads into the back of the meter. No more tangles or probe tip pricks.
  • Dial Backlight
    View the dial in low light.
  • Safety + Convenience
    Use non-contact voltage to check if the wire is hot or not. Use the probe holder on the clamp to test voltage more safely with one hand. Test voltage hands-free using the magnetic hanger.

SC660 - Wireless Clamp Meter

SKU: SC660


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