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The refrigeration drain guard is an easy to use, flexible, magnetic drain cover for use during deep cleans. Designed to prevent debris entering the drains during the clean, the strong magnetic cover will fit all cabinet profiles and drainage outlet types.


Cabinet deep cleaning is by far, the most important aspect of maintenance for food retail display cabinets. Recognised by the Carbon Trust/IOR/BRA as the area where the largest energy savings could be achieved in the cold chain, absolutely dwarfing doors, LED lights and night blinds at 20%.


The deep clean drain guard is a simple, yet very effective aid in the deep cleaning of cabinets. Good practice involves preventing any food debris, product labels or paper from entering the cabinet drains, pipes that very often run flat beneath the cabinet, lacking the required velocity of flow to move debris along the drainage chain.


This, in turn, exacerbates the problematic condensate drains beneath the chillers, already identified as having the highest ratio of drain blockages in the drainage chain.


Stopping debris going down the drain is only part of its use, it also doubles as a seal when cabinet drains are being sucked out using an aqua vac, and if you have ever sucked a wet rag into a trap, you will know why this is a real solution.


Brightly coloured, the guard is highly visible to reduce the risk of the guard being left in place after the clean, it can be used again, and again.

UDG125 Drain Guard (Single Pack)

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