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Carrier delivers global solutions across a broad range of applications in heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and beyond.

Home Comfort – Millions of people trust Carrier’s leadership and expertise in delivering efficient solutions for their home heating and cooling needs.

Building Solutions – Setting the standard for performance, energy efficiency and sustainability, Carrier offers solutions in air conditioning, building controls and energy services for the building lifecycle.

Transport Refrigeration – Carrier transport refrigeration equipment, cold chain monitoring solutions and replacement components ensure the safe, reliable transport of food and beverages, medical supplies and other perishable cargo to people and businesses around the world.


Commercial Refrigeration – Serving the beverage, food service and food retail industries, our refrigeration solutions are built on next-generation technologies to preserve freshness, ensure safety and enhance appearances of global food and beverage retail.

Product Ranges

OptiClean™ - Air scrubber - 39UV

Air flow: 1000 m3/h

The OptiClean 39UV dual-mode air scrubber and negative air machine is designed to improve IAQ for installations that have no possibility of fresh air inlet while reducing the levels of airborne pathogens. Delivered with high efficiency HEPA filters and the possibility to integrate char-coal or germicide system (UV-C) as an option, it is designed to simplify its installation as much as possible, making it easier to use in any applications. HEPA filters are protected by high efficiency M5 prefilters.

OptiClean 39UV can be used in two different operating modes including negative air pressure and recirculation. Its high-performance EC motor reduces power consumption with high energy efficiency.

Portable solution
Multi purpose : recirculation or negative air machine
HEPA filters with M5 prefilter
Provides safety conditions for locals without fresh air entry
Adapted for every application: retail, schools, administration, sport centers, museums, offices etc.

■ Pre-filter pleated synthetic material, M5
■ High efficient long-life HEPA filters
■ Nominal airflow 1000 – 1800 – 2500 m3/h
■ Vertical design for smaller footprint compared to many competitors
■ Portable and adaptable to nearly any installation
■ Heavy duty locking casters for easy and smooth transport
■ Red lighted indicator to alert user when filters are overloaded (generally means
maintenance is required)
■ Green ON/OFF switch illuminates to verify when unit is in operation
■ 2.5 meters long power cord with strain relief
■ Power cable access from rear of the unit
■ Plug F / G / J type
■ 240V / 50hz / 1Ph Power
■ Chassis is made from galvanized steel, pre-painted and fully insulated
■ Exhaust transition plate as an option
■ Diffusion acoustic plenum

Opticlean 39UV Data Sheet.jpg

Carrier Air Purifiers - CAFN026LC2, CAFN036LC2 CAFN051LC2

The Carrier air purifier is the solu􀆟on for those looking for a clean, filtered space. It is equipped with a 3 layer filter system, which results in the best air quality for every room and is extremely quiet in operation. Clean, filtered air has never been so important.


They are compact and lightweight in design, making the air purifier easy to move. The range consists of three models to suit room sizes: 14-25m2, 24-48m2 and 42-73m2. The air purifiers are also equipped with a UV lamp with a negative ion function for effective action against viruses and bacteria. (99.9% of bacteria is filtered from the air)

Intelligent automatic purification is achieved using smart detection technology, which scans the room in real time and automatically eliminates the three main indoor air risks: particulates, harmful gases and indoor allergens. Easily switch between 4 modes: automatic mode, sleep mode, soft mode and turbo mode.

What makes the air purifier effective is the 3-layer filter system, consisting of the washable nylon pre-filter, the H11 HEPA filter, and a carbon filter. The pre-filter catches dust and hair, then the activated carbon filter removes harmful gases and unpleasant odours. Finally, the “NanoProtect” HEPA filter captures ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 microns.

Thanks to the display on the front panel of the purifier it is possible to know the quality of the air, it is measured at four different levels. The colour indicator shows the air quality: 


Blue ‐ Excellent, Green ‐ Good, Purple ‐ Normal and Red ‐ Poor.


Pre Filter used to
removes Hair,
Dust & Skin


HEPA filter widely used for medical use, to strongly absorb particles PM2.5~0.3,
Pollen & Allergen's


Activated Carbon Filter, 5~10 times powerful than
traditional carbon filter, removes Smoke & Pollution


Finally the air purifiers, being equipped with a internal UV lamps and a negative ion function, give effective action against viruses and bacteria,
similar to UV sterilization methods used in the medical industry.

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