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SEIYA- R32 - High Wall Systems

SEIYA has been designed with maximum comfort in mind and is a cost-effective silent solution that uses new Toshiba Inverter and compressor technology with R32 to offer A++ cooling and A+ heating performance for year-round comfort.

They are available in 7 sizes:

RAS-B05J2KVG-E (1.5 kW), RAS-B07J2KVG-E (2.0 kW), RAS-B10J2KVG-E (2.5 kW), RAS-B13J2KVG-E (3.3 kW), RAS-B16J2KVG-E (4.2 kW), RAS-18J2KVG-E (5.0 kW) & RAS-B24J2KVG-E (6.5 kW)

SEIYA offers exclusive features and high performance making everyday comfort a reality for all.

  • Elegant and slim-line flat-panel design

  • Energy Class A++/A+ cooling and heating modes ensure exceptional energy savings and unparalleled comfort levels

  • Extremely quiet operation down to as low as 19dB(A) in silent mode

  • Dustless coil (special coated aluminium fin) for improved efficiency

  • Self-cleaning function to prevent mould formation on the heat exchanger coil

  • 2D airflow control with horizontal motorized louvers : pre-set directions or automatic sweeping

  • High quality air circulation

  • WiFi compatible

  • On demand defrost

  • Silent CDU operation

  • User friendly wireless remote control

  • ECO Logic button to reduce energy consumption by 25%

  • Capacity booster to reach comfort set point very fast

  • Programmable automatic stop

  • Auto-diagnosis function

  • Elegant white LEDs

  • Power supply to indoor or outdoor unit

  • Optional wireless remote control with weekly timer


Extremely quiet operation with excellent all round performance make the SEIYA the ideal choice for comfort.

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