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An Innovative Press System For Air-Conditioning And Refrigeration Applications

Benefiting from over 100 years’ experience in fittings manufacture and over two decades in press system design, Conex Bänninger presents >B<MaxiPro, the latest in flame-free, press fitting solutions.

>B< MaxiPro is set to revolutionise pipe jointing in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Specially designed in collaboration with Conex Bänninger, the Rothenberger Romax Compact Press Tool (Romax 4000 Press Tool) and >B< MaxiPro jaws are the recommended tools to fit >B< MaxiPro to a professional standard.

>B< MaxiPro is quick and simple to install and significantly improves productivity through greatly reduced installation time.

>B< MaxiPro is a press fitting system for use with hard, half hard or annealed copper tube conforming to EN 12735-1 or ASTM-B280.

>B< MaxiPro provides a secure, permanent leak-proof joint suitable for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Features and Benefits


  • Flame-free: Flame-free installation avoids the need for a hot work permit and the risk of fire on site.

  • No nitrogen purge: >B< MaxiPro is a mechanical joint, thus eliminating the need for nitrogen purge during the jointing process.

  • Lower installed cost: A professional fitting which is quick and simple to install, saving time and money.

  • Higher productivity, improved flexibility: Work may be completed during working hours / public access, by a single employee.

  • Site access: Easy access to work sites, no gas bottles required.

  • Quality designed in: Reliable, repeatable, permanent, tamper-proof connections every time.

  • 3-point press: Three press points, one each side of the bead, and one press

  • compressing the O-ring. This provides a permanent and secure joint.

  • High quality O-ring: A high quality HNBR O-ring forms a secure leak-free joint when pressed.

  • Protected O-ring: Lead-in edge design aids tube insertion and helps protect the O-ring from damage or displacement.

  • Fitting identification: Fittings are marked >B< MaxiPro and identified with a pink mark indicating their suitability for high pressure air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.

  • Electrical continuity: Maintains earth continuity without the need for additional earth continuity straps.

  • Certification: >B< MaxiPro is UL listed, refrigerant fitting SA44668.*

  • >B< MaxiPro is UL listed, approved use for field and factory installations.*

  • Field proven: Press-fit technology, field proven over 20 years and millions of installed fittings worldwide.

  • Guarantee: When professionally installed by a trained and certified >B< MaxiPro

  • installer, >B< MaxiPro is covered by a five year extended guarantee.

  • Support: Backed by Conex Bänninger's experienced technical support and customer services teams.

  • Compact tooling: Light compact tooling provides easy access to tightly spaced tube runs.

  • Tooling concept: We recommend using tried and tested ROTHENBERGER tools and jaws.

How It Works

B MaxiPro  Fitting Procedure

B MaxiPro Fitting Procedure

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