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Bi-Flow - R32 - High Wall Systems

The RAS Bi-Flow unit is a stylish yet extremely powerful air conditioning system with excellent energy efficiency values. The unit is aesthetically pleasing and offers the benefit of having dual air discharge.

They are available in 3 sizes:

RAS-B10J2FVG-E1 (2.5 kW), RAS-B13J2FVG-E1 (3.5 kW) & RAS-B18J2FVG-E1 (5.0 kW)

The Toshiba console units are an innovative and compact unit that can be easily installed on the floor and in low-wall applications. The units fit perfectly under window sills or in low ceiling attics. The unique floor heating functions deliver powerful flow at low level for a uniform and comfortable room heat.

  • Auto-diagnosis function

  • Bi-flow (two outlets for flow intensity and air direction)

  • Fits perfectly under the window sill or in a low ceiling attic

  • Unique floor heating function

  • New IAQ filter filtration system

  • Easy to use command control interface on unit (includes child lock)

  • Auto-diagnosis function

  • Latest digital hybrid inverter technology

  • Easy to use remote control with extra-large display


The stylish and pleasing designs fit any room style or decoration.

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