For almost 70 years, Charles Austen Pumps has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of pump buyers within various industries across the world.


Charles Austen Pumps continuously delivers products that are at the forefront of technical development. Driven by a desire to provide innovative pumps to a number of markets, Charles Austen pumps are designed with the consumer in mind, to ensure consistent benefits are delivered in a range of applications.

BLUEDIAMOND® condensate removal pumps are designed, tested and manufactured in house, meeting a strict approach to quality (ISO 9001). Utilizing patented rotary diaphragm technology, BLUEDIAMOND® pumps offer a new approach to quietly and reliably remove large quantities of condensate. Everything from design to distribution, the BLUEDIAMOND® pump team takes pride in every single product dispatched from our global warehouse facilities.


BLUEDIAMOND® condensate removal pumps were the first in the industry to offer the market leading 3 year warranty. Due to the reliable and patented pumping technologies our warranty covers all of the pumps in the range. We have faith in our reliability and so can you.