Fault Finding When You Need It!

At Cool Solutions we believe that one of the companies strengths the the Technical Support that we offer.  We have created this web page to give engineers a simple tool for helping with fault finding.


Also, Click on the image to the right to download the latest Technical Handbook.

Fault Code

Heading 4

Type of System

Heading 4

Toshiba Technical Handbook

Fault Description / What To Check

Heading 4


Indoor fan trouble. Detected indoors. Likely cause fan motor, PCB


Split A/C equipment indoor to outdoor communication failure / VRF equipment could also be attributed to communication breakdown between
condenser PCB's. Likely cause Indoor PCB / condenser PCB / Interconnecting cable damage / transformer used to power condenser PCB


Frost conditions detected / No temperature change. Detected indoors by evaporator sensor (TC). Likely cause poor airflow, lack of refrigerant,
overheating compressor


Reverse change in temperature. Detected by indoor evaporator sensor (TC). Likely cause 4 way valve. 4 way reversing valve energised for heating
operation only


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